奈良県川西町 結崎駅8800人フューチャーセッション
© Yuzaki Station, Kawanishi Town, Nara, Japan  produced and designed by Yasuyuki KAWANISHI + ICHIBANSEN / nextstations

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background] 背景と目的、流れ



[background] 現状の把握〜川西町全体




[background] 現状の把握〜結崎駅周辺




[strategy] 結崎駅8800人フューチャーセッションまとめ



[programs] 基本構想




About our basic concepts for Yuzaki station and areas


The future session for 8800 peoples of the Kawanishi town people, by the people, for the people, has done 17 times as total, from August 2016 to March 2017. We welcome to accept many ideas and requests from 800 over peoples. All ideas and various needs were recorded and reported to the mayor of Kawanishi town and town office. Our team are going on the basic concepts based on the peoples ideas and needs now.


What is the basic concepts for Yuzaki station and areas

Kawanishi town office has alliance with the prefecture of Nara for Yuzaki station and areas. Nara prefecture provides actions to counteract our aging and shrinking population. It is significant steps that designed by the silent majority.

Super over view for Yuzaki station and areas

[back ground]

Our team are based on the peoples ideas and needs. The population of Kawanishi Town is currently 8,675 people, October 2017, but in 2060 after 43 years it is predicted that it will be reduced to less than half 3,937 people. Also, commercial facilities are weak and shoppers are flowed out from the town. Then,  Kawanishi Town office, for our future, provides supports and improving services. Therefore, it is very important to revitalize Yuzaki station and area, create future and develop that effect throughout the all area of Kawanishi town.


Many peoples needs cafe, shops and the services for kids around Yuzaki station. Our team analyses objectively all ideas and needs, 'interchanging functions for all ages and parenting' has concluded. Also it is should be discuss making issues by public service or by private service. In our future, the management  for Yuzaki station should be as self-sustaining, as small starting.


Around Yuzaki station, the first priority is the safety for pedestrians and car traffic from west and east area. Park and the ancient tomb as well as the stations should be designed as total. Spaces will be open for all users and passengers from the train. Management system should be created at the same time.

Our team is always based on the people's ideas and needs, for your future and Kawanishi town.


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